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Org Plan Design, Organizational consultancy and skills development

Supporting actors of the business with a multidisciplinary approach, in which network has its priority. Working with people and for people.


Our Story

Org Plan Design is a company based in Bologna, Italy. We love to find simple solutions to complex challenges.

Our Story is founded on People, Purpose and Passion.In essence we help our clients build a strategic people centric growth plan for their business. Embedding a learning & development strategy that supports the development of an unbeatable team and drives performance, through empowerment and creation of a growth mindset.

Our Services

Org Plan Design help Business Performance and Scalability.

work for the people, not with people

Business Strategy
Business Strategy

we intervene on organization, and we work alongside management to define strategies and to develop performances and innovation.

Human Resources
Human Resources

We believe that the real wealth in the company are our people, we believe that developing the skills and develop human resources and means to lay the foundation for continued growth.

Management control
Management control

This the real support to business decisions. Company must be able to analyse its past, but also to plan its future development, trying as much as possible, to anticipate events, through the construction and through the use of management control tools, such as economic and financial budget.

Other services
Other services

° Performance evaluation systems.
° Individual and small groups tutoring.
° Oorganizational well-being
° Performance evaluation systems


Our Mission

Org Plan Design wants to offer interlocutor an opportunity for growing.

We provide ideas and principles, methods and tools, to deal with greater strength and likelihood of success, the internal complexity and uncertainty of the external environments involved in a company management.

Our Projects

Developing First Class Solutions for Our Smart Clients.


Established 2010

A Consultancy Company, that loves to make you perform better.


Careers at Org Plan Design

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Discover how you can make an impact: Join us, you'll find an environment of inclusion, growth and originality, supported by resources that make a difference in your life.




Expert People

Passionate People on Our Team

Passion is The First Step to Achievement it Increases Your Will Power, it will make you more dedicated and productive, it changes you and it makes the makes the Impossible Possible.

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