Our areas of intervention are:

    business organization and strategy: we intervene on organization and we work alongside management to define trategies and to develop performances and innovation.
    Analysis and organizational design
    Defining corporate strategies
    Development plans to increase organizational integration
    Management and Development of Human Resources:
    we believe that the real wealth in the company are our people, we believe that developing the skills and develop human resources and means to lay the foundation for continued growth.
    Performance evaluation systems
    Corporate training plans design:
    individual and small groups tutoring.
    Personnel Assessment
    Climate analysis and organizational well-being
    Management control:
    is the real support to business decisions. Company must be able to analyze its past, but also to plan its future development, trying as much as possible, to anticipate events, through the construction and through the use of management control tools, such as economic and financial budget.
    Management control
    Budget System
    management reporting